Insights into Autism: a window into your child’s world

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  • PublisherKids Discover Publishing
  • Pages293

Insights into Autism is a culmination of over 30 years of skills and knowledge gained by working with children in the neurodivergent community.

Although it includes information about the brain and brain functions, it is written in an easy-to-understand format so that any parent or caregiver can understand the concepts.

Backed by scientific studies, this book includes explanation of challenges and behaviors accompanied with strategies that any parent or caregiver can implement without specialized knowledge and without specific equipment.

Its 21 chapters include:

  • Overwhelm – where to begin?
  • What is Autism
  • Why is my child worse since the pandemic?
  • Psychological and Neurobiological Effects of COVID-19
  • Cognitive, Behavioral & Moral Flexibility
  • The Prefrontal Cortex and Behavior
  • The Triad of Learning – Auditory
  • The Brain Needs Variety
  • The Brain is Built to Look for Patterns
  • Our Biggest Toxic Threat
  • Strategies to Build Aural Skills
  • Seeking and Avoiding Behaviors
  • Sensory Processing and Integration
  • Strategies to Strengthen the Vestibular System
  • Three Way Rocking
  • Stimming and Other Repetitive Behaviors
  • Retained Primitive Reflexes
  • Processing Sound: It’s Role in a Variety of Challenges with Autism
  • Why is Speech Often as Issue?
  • That’s a Wrap

Diana F Cameron

Diana F Cameron has over 30 years working with the neurodivergent community. Her experience as a musician, early childhood educator and sound therapist has her situated with a unique set of skills when working with children with autism. If you want clear explanations and strategies to use at home, Diana helps parents navigate the journey of neurodivergence.

About Me

Uncover Autism is all about helping neurodivergent children uncover success through the power of music. With more than 30 years working with children in the neurodivergent community and a lifetime in special needs, Uncover Autism draws on Diana's unique experience to bring education, strategies and support.