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At Uncover Autism, we offer a range of drug free, non-invasive programs and services for children or adults who are struggling with learning and/or behavior challenges. Our clients include those with autism, aspergers, learning delays, ADD/ADHD, auditory processing and behavioral challenges, sensory difficulties, anxiety or anyone wanting to enhance their brain processing and general well-being.

Birth – 5 Years

Through well designed, carefully researched curricula, Kindermusik assists children with autism in forming the foundational brain connections needed for 8 learning domains ranging from cognitive to fine motor control.

As all children with autism respond to music, It is the most comprehensive way to start your children with positive experiences that educate you as the most valuable teacher in your child’s life as you learn more about their development.

2 years to Adult

The Listening Program is a drug free, non-invasive therapy that trains the brain to process sensory input more effectively.

Being able to process sound correctly and efficiently is essential to not only the learning process but to our everyday lives.

No matter what behaviors your child with autism is displaying, this program provides an avenue to enhance brain processing which can lead to reduced stress and anxiety, easier learning and a calmer central nervous system. All of these help with the challenging underlying behaviors of autism.

6 – 14 years

Retained primitive reflexes can be a be a big factor for children who struggle with autism.

Developed in collaboration between Leigh Academies Trust and Learning Solutions in the United Kingdom, The Movement Program is a series of repeated movements designed to integrate retained reflexes that are inhibiting learning.

The course runs for 12 weeks and can be done in the comfort of your own home through a computer or other device connected to the internet.

Sessions are 20 mins a day, 5 days a week.

While not a program in and of itself, we use the knowledge from Brain Story to add to the complete picture of a child.

Brain story allows us to make links between early experiences and deficits in behavior, learning and poor executive function.